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About YAGA

YAGA is an Investment Development Agency established by the Local Authorities in Northern Cyprus with the aim of becoming the “one-stop-shop” for both local and foreign investors who are interested in investing in Northern Cyprus. The Agency is directly linked with and reports to the Prime Minister.

Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Northern Cyprus and the increased living standard of its population.

Investment consultants provide consultancy services, relevant information on legal framework, investment climate, sector specific information and incentives to investors. Additionally, agency acts as a facilitator in the provision of land and incentives and deals with cumbersome bureaucracy including dealing with licenses and starting a business.  

YAGA encourages positive interest in Northern Cyprus among companies considering investment locations through investment generation. Additionally, the Agency advocates for improvements in investment climate studies, recommendations and catalyst project development. Furthermore, promoting Northern Cyprus as a competitive location for business and investment is another important mission of our Agency.







 Cyprus Turkish Investment Development Agency 

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